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Meet Michael Scott – Managing Director

At MSC Constructions WA, we’re a leading family business specialising in installing and maintaining workshop domes, fabric shelters, and other building subcontract services.

With over 16 years of combined experience in the building and construction industry, I take pride in our track record of success working alongside some of the region’s biggest construction and mining companies.

My MSC team of experienced tradespersons carry all the necessary qualifications and certifications, including rigging and dogging, as well as various high-risk tickets. As a team, we’re driven and dedicated to providing excellent results for all our clients.

Not only do we order from quality suppliers, but we know all the materials are Australian-made and engineered. Plus, we adhere to all safety regulations, ensuring that our work is always up to standard.

Talk to me today about your project. MSC Constructions WA is here to help.  

Michael Scott MSC Constructions WA

Benefits of fabric structures and dome shelters

Are you considering a fabric shelter or dome structure?

Here are some of the many benefits fabric shelters and dome structures offer. From their green construction and efficient operation to their quick build times, low costs, and aesthetically pleasing look – there’s no better option than a fabric dome shelter.

MSC Constructions WA

Green construction

Building waste materials kept to a minimum during construction.

Eco-efficient operation

Translucent fabric significantly reduces the need for daytime lighting.

Quick build time

Structures arrive pre-packaged, enabling fast construction.

Low cost

Fabric structures are a fraction of the cost of other building options.

Maintenance free

Polyethylene fabric provides a natural barrier against mould, mildew, and pests.

Versatile designs

Fabric structures are versatile, allowing multiple-function use such as warehouses, greenhouses, storage sheds, hangars and more.


Dismantling and relocating is quick and convenient, thus minimising disruption.


Fabric structures withstand strong winds and other harsh Australian weather conditions.

MSC Constructions WA

MSC Constructions WA: Your go-to shelter installers

We order from the best Australian-made suppliers and adhere to all safety regulations, ensuring our work is always up to standard.

MSC Constructions WA

Constructing quality shelter and dome solutions for the Southwest and WA